Brilliantly designed and conceived and, remarkably, distributed free-of-charge in multiple Oahu locations, Abstract bills itself as a magazine, but is really a journal of the modern Hawaii experience. A quarterly canvas for the work of emerging local writers and designers, compiled and produced as something of a labor of love by a self-proclaimed “Inkubator” of creative types, the typical issue of Abstract—if there is one—is an at once fun, serious, challenging, cheeky, educated, salacious, engaging and rarely a pedestrian read, especially if you care about Hawaii. We do. And we’re fans of Abstract.
-Hawaii Magazine, Best of Hawaii 2014
"What we really like about Abstract is that it exists. It is an awesome effort to produce this cultural magazine. Each issue is experimental and exploratory but they still feel related."
-Alissa Walker, designer
"The whole team about Abstract is super cool and handsome. Especially the editor."
-James Charisma, editor