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For a small fee, you become part of an issue and we print your name (or company name) and website (or social media link) to our special partners section near the front of the magazine. These limited patron slots help us cover some of Abstract’s high production and shipping costs.

How It Works

By showing your support through a payment of $100, you’ll receive:

  • Your name (or company name), website/social media link, and categorized based on what you do for easy recognition.
  • Three complimentary issues of your issue sent to you, anywhere in the world (worth $45).
  • A personalized thank you letter from our editor and one-of-a-kind Abstract gifts and swag.

We have a limited number of slots per issue (first-come, first-served). This is a one-time payment and your information will be printed in our upcoming issue only. To get started or to find out more information, click on the link below.

Please understand that a refund is not possible more than 48 hours after a payment. Abstract reserves the right to decline entries which do not comply with our desired format (with a full refund).

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